At Home Work for the Stay at Home Mom

Is it really easy to find legitimate at home work for moms? Of course there are! As an at home work mom myself, let me tell you it was not easy sorting through all the scams that are out there on the internet. I have been burned more times than I care to mention, but I really did find some places that have brought some much needed money into my home. My first ever work at home job was with 1800 and let me tell you, it was not an easy job. They are really strict on having you not have any disruptions or distractions in your home. You must have a reliable home office with internet service and an upgraded computer. During what they called the „Gold Rush“ periods, which are Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, you could be working upwards to 60 hours a week. Not an easy feat to accomplish mind you. Or if you are a good typist, you can become a general, legal or medical transcriptionist from home and make a very decent income. If you can write very well, you can sell articles for a living and if that happens to be your cup of tea, you are in very good company. There are many companies like Demand Studios,, that are looking for writers to submit content on various topics and issues that may interest their readers.

The list of things you can do are endless, but you just have to know where to look and not be sucked into those get rich quick schemes that are all over the internet these days. Stay away from the typist jobs, the making crafts, etc. These companies only want your money. Be wary of those multi-level marketing companies also. I am sure that are a few legitimate ones out there, but they are few and far between. Visit as many at home work forums that are out there. The ones that I frequent where you can find legitimate at home work opportunities are, and The last one is a subscription, but it is very good for finding jobs for moms who want to stay home and take care of their children. That is how I got started with 1800 Flowers by visiting that last one.

Want to start a business? There are lots of companies out there that can help you make a very good sizeable income. Businesses such as Avon, Mary Kay, Mark, etc. can be a really good way to get together with friends, family and business associates and truly become independent. They all have their own websites that you can use to market products and receive a percentage of everything that is sold.

All in all, the list of possibilities are within your reach. You just have to go out there and be willing to work hard to achieve your goals and set the standard for the work at home mom.
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