Christian Home Work – Options That Are Pleasing to God

In light of the fact that you are reading this article it is likely you are interested in finding Christian home work that you as a believer can feel comfortable doing. I’m not talking about actual Christian opportunities but opportunities through out the Internet. After all the most important thing from a Christian perspective is to have a job that is pleasing to God. Not always the easiest thing to do with work related to the Internet. As you know there are plenty of shady opportunities out there that must be avoided. That being said lets look at some options that are legit allowing us to hold to our Christian values.

Types of Legitimate Christian Home Work

Here are just a few options I believe God would be O.K. with. One is to buy into a Christian franchise of some sort. There are several to choose from. The biggest drawback is that it can get pretty expensive. Another of the more popular home jobs is medical trans-scripting. This will require you to get educated in the field which cost more time and money than you may be willing to spend. You hear a lot of talk about surveys, product testing, and pyramid marketing. I would avoid going this route. Most would not be pleasing to God. Most are scams and the ones that are not just don’t pay that much money. You can always stuff envelopes or do assembly work but again there is not much money there.

How To Decide Which Christian Home Work Is Right For You

If you have not done so already, you must determine how God has gifted you. What is it that brings you satisfaction? I’m talking mainly in the area of personal skills. Do you like to work alone? Do you enjoy spending a lot of time on the computer? Are you task orientated? Do you enjoy taking the bull by the horns and making things happen? Christian home work can get lonely at times. If you really enjoy working with a team, this may not be right for you. Most of these types of home based jobs will have you glued to the computer. If God has gifted you in this way, use those gifts and be pleasing to God.

Christian Home Work Requires Persistence

The number one killer stopping folks from succeeding with home based work is persistence. Are you gifted with the ability to persevere? It is easy to be motivated at first when you are all excited about this new venture. But as time goes on and the excitement turns into routine it is easy to slack off and not get things done. You don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder. You have to be the one to make things happen with God’s guidance of course. One way home work is pleasing to God is the fact that this line of work requires us to depend on Him all the more.

My Top Pick For Christian Home Work

After spending countless hours researching home based opportunities I concluded that Internet Marketing is a great way for a Christian to make money from home and at the same time be pleasing to God. Contrary to commonly held beliefs marketing Online is a legitimate way for a Christian to earn an income while staying true to our values and morals. There are 1000’s of ethical products and services to promote. It’s quick to learn and costs very little to get started. Might this be the answer to your prayers. It was for me.
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